Monday, December 13, 2010

Mullein: Magical Medicine!

Mullein is a genus of the figwort family Scrophulariaceae.  Native to Europe and Asia, mulleins are now found in many parts of the world. It can easily adapt to various environments and grows on barren lands or waste grounds, more likely on gravel and sand.  Mullein is a tremendously valuable herb for treating an assortment of ailments.

Uses for Mullein include, but not limited to:
  • Treats disorders of the respiratory tract such as bronchitis and tracheitis.

  • Used for centuries to treat coughs and congestions.  Used as an expectorant for promoting the discharge of mucus and as demulcent to sooth the irritated mucus membranes.

  • Anti-inflammatory properties that help in reducing inflammation and stimulating fluid production in the mucus cells. It serves as a perfect remedy for dry coughs in conditions like asthma, bronchitis, whooping cough and tuberculosis.

  • Used to treat several urinary tract and bladder irritations and infections.  

  • Mullein tea made from the flowers and leaf extract is a strong ans soothing sedative and is effective against several conditions such as migraines, sore throat, chest pain, colds, coughs and kidney infections.

  • Consuming fresh mullein leaves boiled in milk, works great for tuberculosis. This mixture of mullein leaves and milk can also be applied as a poultice to cure boils, hemorrhoids, carbuncles, chilblains and skin ulcers.

  • Helps in treating painful urination and constipation.

  • The oil obtained from mullein is very effective against several harmful infections and diseases.

  • An infusion of mullein flowers in olive oil is used to treat earaches, gum and mouth ulcers, piles and other mucus membrane inflammations, because of it's anti-bacterial properties.

  • A decoction made from the roots of mullein is used to alleviate toothaches and also to relieve cramps and convulsions.

  • Taken internally, helps in the treatment of chest pains, diarrhea and bleeding of the lungs and bowels.

  • A poultice made from mullein leaves is used for treating minor burns, rashes, swellings and sunburns

  • We keep dried mullein leaf on hand year round, this is why:  A few summers ago my daughter was stung by something, it began to swell immedately into a raised circular bump...but it didn't stop there.  The swelling went into her hand & fingers and then climbed up her arm, in a panic I gave her Benadryl.  This brought the swelling down a bit for a couple hours but overall it was not helpfull.  Because we didn't know what stung her, choosing a homeopathic remedy was difficult and our homeopath was busy with another patient.  I contacted an herbalist friend who suggested I make a poultice out of mullein and aloe.  I placed the poultice on my daughter and literally watched the swelling disapear completely in less than 5 minutes and never came back...  WOW!  As I learned more about this valuable herb, we began to use it in tea with a little local raw honey during the occational colds for coughs and stuffy heads.  It truly works as an expectorant and calms the cough. 

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