Friday, December 17, 2010

Power Packed Algae: Chlorella

I added this superfood almost 3 years ago to my daughters diet to detox the heavy metals in her body from vaccinations and such.  Chlorella is perfect for body detoxification. It binds with heavy metals and pesticides that accumulate in the body and eliminates them. It's high content of chlorophyll cleanses the blood stream and the elimination channels, insuring that metabolic wastes are carried away from the tissues. Side effects are fresh breath and reduced body odor :-)
Besides natural detoxification, Chlorella also provides inflammation control, cholesterol regulation, immune system strength, estrogen balance, blood sugar stabilization, and digestive bliss. It is loaded with antioxidants to keep you looking and feeling young, and even reduces the percentage of body fat. It has shown to be effective at reversing degenerative diseases such as all types of cancers, diabetes, liver disorders, high blood pressure, and obesity.  Chlorella accelerates healing, protects against radiation, helps in the treatment of Candida albicans and relieves arthritis pain.

Chlorella is an alkaline food, which promotes increased bone mass since the body is not sacrificing minerals from the bones to create proper acid/alkaline balance.  The consumption of alkaline foods also improves immune function, kidney function and energy levels.

Truly a power packed amazing algae, this is one superfood I make sure we have on hand!  It's available in both tablets and powder.  We mix the powder into almond milk, smoothies or shake it on to our meals. 

Places to get Chlorella: Natural Store or local health food stores.  A favorite Chlorella containing raw superfood mix is Juvo, available from or


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